When Marilyn Monroe posed as Jackie Kennedy

Photographs found in a flea market from that famous “last sitting” showed Marilyn Monroe in a black wig à la Jackie Kennedy.


6 Weeks before she died, Marilyn jokes around

June 1962- In the very last photo session Marilyn Monroe agreed to sit for Vogue magazine, photographer Bert Stern was given the assignment. He was to be the last person to photograph this luminous unforgettable woman before she died.


Bert Stern on photographing Marilyn Monroe

Stern admitted that he was probably in love with her.“There were three women in my life those days, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe. and my wife. Jackie was the First lady and I was married to my wife. So Marilyn was the only other woman.”


The session was held over three days in Hotel Bel Air LA. “She arrived on her own.” said Stern.“No entourage. She was wearing a bandanna, pair of slacks and a simple sweater. I don’t think she had any make-up either but she was gorgeous.”


“After the official shoot was over, she started playing with the wig. I ended up shooting 15 rolls of Marilyn mocking Jackie. “


These photographs say a great deal. It is well established now that she had had an affair with JFK. Her personal opinion of Jackie may have been therefore slightly jaundiced, though not necessarily malicious in any way. But she is definitely taking a hand at the First Lady here, with one definite classic Jackie pose – that of the fingers against the cheek etc.

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