Grace Kelly | The Woman with the Golden Ratio Face

Grace-Kelly---The Face with the Golden Ratio of beauty

Grace Kelly’s Perfect Face Close Up The Famous Close-up of Grace Kelly in Rear Window 1954, matches the Golden Ratio Mask. as invented by Stephen Marquardt. In other wards her features displays ( almost) the perfect proportioned face  – or 1.618:1 ( called Phi) for the nerds among us. And Miss Kelly had a slightly …

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Edwardian Beauty – 1908 Face Massager.

Edwardian Beauty – 1908 Face Massager. The Edwardian fashion era saw the phenomenon of ‘beauty science’ taking hold, with patent after patent promising women eternal youth. This product – a face massager -courtesy of the Museum of London was invented by a Doctor John Wilson in 1908 or thereabouts. It promised to reduce wrinkles and …

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