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Am I pretty ? Find your own golden ratio for a perfect face by using the rule of thirds. A vintage tutorial by Hollywood makeup artist Ern Westmore.

The Golden Ratio Face - using the rule of thirds
The Golden Ratio Face – using the rule of thirds

Know your Facial Proportions

Aside from knowing your basic face shape, it’s also important for you to know if your features are properly proportioned. Such as the correct distance between your hairline and brow ; your brows and nose ; your nose and chin. Then there’s the correct length of brow with the relationship to the width of your eyes and the distance between them. For this, we apply the rule of thirds.

Am I Pretty ? Vintage Tutorial Film

Hollywood makeup artist Ern Westmore shows you how to get a perfectly proportioned face

Facial Proportions – The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds - Face Proportion Grid
Draw a grid of three lines – forehead, brow line and tip of your nose

Now take any full face, straight on photo of yourself and with a ruler, draw a line across your forehead at the hairline. Then draw a line across your natural brow line. The third line is drawn at the tip of your nose. The fourth line at the end of your chin.

For perfect proportions, the three spaces should be equal in depth. If yours are not, then are tips and tricks that I will show you, that will help create the illusion of near perfect golden ratio face proportions.

How to Determine your Eye Shape

Rule of Thirds - Eye Grid
Draw a grid of three vertical lines as shown

Now to find out if the eyes are perfectly spaced, draw vertical lines like this, at the outer and inner corners of your eyes. The perfectly spaced eye should be the width of an eye apart. Here again, we use the rule of thirds. As for your eyebrow contour, your brow should start directly above the inside corner of your eye.

To locate the other end of the brow, place a pencil on a forty-five degree angle from the outside corner of the eye up to where it crosses your natural brow line. This is where the brow should end.

Facial Features you want to Lose

Facial Features you want to Lose
1. Receding chin 2. Large Jawline 3. Too Large a Nose 4. Too Small a Nose
5. Strong jaw. 6. Weak Jaw

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