Beauty Science – What makes a Beautiful Face.

Beauty Science – What makes a Beautiful Face.


Glamourdaze found an interesting site Marquart Beauty Analysis [ curated by Dr Stephen Marquart ] which explores the mathematical theory known as the Golden Ratio – which – for the nerds among us is 1.618:1 or Phi. You can save his Golden Ratio face mask [ below ] and apply it to your own mugshot to see if you need a nip or a tuck.


The theory is that all golden ratios are equal to each other. Below are some iconic beauty icons that I matched with Stephen Marquarts Golden ratio Mask. That famous Hitchcock close-up of Grace Kelly matches perfectly [above]. Another beauty icon Audrey Hepburn also appears to match the grid.


Interestingly other ‘beautiful faces’ like actress Myrna Loy – didn’t quite match the mask. But then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The art of makeup contouring which first became popular in the 1930’s can go a long way to actually altering your face to match the golden ratio – even if it is an illusion. Check out other famous beauty icons from Victorian Sarah Bernhardt to Marilyn Munroe below.

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