Hollywood Hairstyles – Change your Coiffure

1930s Hairstyle Report from Carolyn Van Wyck

There are two schools of thought on Hollywood hairstyles. If you’ve had success with a characteristic coiffure, you should hold on to it for dear life. If you haven’t cracked it, keep changing your hairstyle till you do.

The modern theory is for constant change. This gets my vote every time.
With experimentation, come new and delightful things; that many of us girls, by remaining in a rut, never come to realize.


Change your hairstyle regularly, says Hollywood

Left:Notice Miriam Hopkins ‘Little Women’ bangs. Miriam’s hair is curled tightly, then combed loosely for a fluffu effect. One of the best all-timers we’ve seen thios season. Suggested for both young and old.
Right:Claire Trevor‘s hair creates a golden frame for a single gardenia. It is called the Empress Carlota coiffure. Flowergive a more youthful touch than jewellery. You do need youth and a lovely neckline for this exotic coiffure.

Movie stars work the ‘new coiffure’ theory constantly. Its as vital to a womans beauty and personality as is her clothing or even her color of lipstick.

A great Hollywood trick is the bang today and none tomorrow look.
This is so easy if you wear a side part. You comb them out and curl them one day. The next day you straighten by dampening and combing under your wave. There a dozen good hair tricks for every head if you watch the screen fashions.


Here we see the lovely Kitty Carlisle in a revived arrangement. It suggested something interesting to do with those braids you’ve been wearing in the coronet fashion. Single side wave and braided coils over the ears. A distinctly dramatic accent !

That’s all !
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Photoplay 1934.

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