1910 Hairstyles – New Coiffures of the Summer Girl.

Hairstyle fashions for young women in the summer of 1910.

As bewilderingly reported by Andre Dupont in the August edition of McCalls Magazine in 1910.

1910-Hairstyles---New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer- The Colonial
1910-Hairstyles—New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer- The Colonial

It would certainly seem as though the fashionable hairdressers had determined that a woman’s head should attract attention to her appearance at the first glance, and in truth so conspicuous are some of the new styles that one invariably looks first at her coiffure before inspecting her gown. Undoubtedly these artists in hair have some well-defined plan in mind which they have endeavored or are endeavoring to formulate, but to the beholder the plan is painfully and bewilderingly vague, and were it not for the indefinable air about it of its being the latest fashion, many of the new coiffures would be voted down at once as hopelessly eccentric and conspicuous. An immense amount of time is, however spent by the fashionable hairdressers who really have in mind the desire to furnish models that shall be generally possible and becoming with always the needed touch of individuality about them that is required to make a woman look smart. like the study of dress, the subject demands time and thought unlimited.
One of the pretty styles in vogue for young girls and youthful matrons is the Colonial, with hair loosely drawn back from the face, coiled low on the head and with curls artistically falling over her shoulder. This coiffure is, however, suited only to evening dress!

1910-Hairstyles---New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer-Girl - High curls
1910-Hairstyles—New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer-Girl – High curls

Another and very modish fashion is shown in the hair arranged rather high on the head and decorated with a bunch of curls on one side. Curls are the emphatic keynote of hair fashion. The curl is omnipresent and all alluring.
Young women also are making use of ribbon fillets with flowers and there are some jeweled metal bandeaux. many jet ornaments are worn, and steel, silver and gold beads strung at intervals on wire, forming rosettes, are also employed. Sterilized grasses and leaves are also shown. These are made up into hair ornaments – the former in the shape of aigrettes, the latter in flowers. They are attractive but do tend to wilt with the season!!

1910-Hairstyles---New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer-Girl - hair ornaments
1910-Hairstyles—New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer-Girl – hair ornaments

Hair ornaments have deserved the term “gaudy”. A favored design is interlacing rings joined to a bandeau of gold or silver sequins. Plumes and aigrettes have also been used.

1910-Hairstyles---New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer-Girl - the bandeau style
1910-Hairstyles—New-Coiffures-of-the-Summer-Girl – the bandeau style

The bandeau style is certainly very a la mode this year and it gives a lovely soft effect to hair. One snag with all these hair ornaments is that a girl must let her hair down at least once daily in order to brush and ventilate. Such is the hard work of keeping in style this summer!
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