The Sisters G – Mirror Image Beauties – June 1930

 What two peas can be more alike than the Sisters G? –

The-Sisters-G---Mirror Image Beauty---June-1930b

Modern Screen features The Sisters G –  two unlikely stars of Paul Whitemans talkie revue ” The King of Jazz”. Direct from Paris – these two rubber legged Dutch bobbed beauties have become unexpected stars in their own right after their dazzling performance.

The-Sisters-G---Mirror Image Beauty---June-1930

Karla ( or is it Eleanor?), looking into a mirror in which there is room for reflection, finds her double there – standing by herself, making both ends meet! Seeing a removing picture, revealing two reasons why she is a dancer, and supporting her!

The-Sisters-G---Mirror Image Beauty---June-1930

And Eleanor ( or is it Karla?) also sees a glassful – her born image proving her dress is low, wide and handsome, holding onto herself, and turning about! Then they both rock with laughter, and stepping out. It’s a frame up !

Sisters Karla and Eleanor Gutchrlein

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