1920’s Fashion – The Typical Flapper of 1922

The Flapper creates headlines in 1922 –

Flappers made the front page of an Arizona Weekly Journal on August 2nd, 1922.

Typical Flapper


You’ve often heard ’em called that, but did you ever really understand what it meant? This will straighten you out. It’s a picture of a 1920s flapper, 100 per cent, from head to foot. Thirteen qualifications from bobbed hair to a fringe flapper dress. Count ’em:

  • 1.hat of soft silk or felt
  • 2.bobbed hair
  • 3.flapper curl on forehead
  • 4.flapper collar
  • 5.flapper earrings
  • 6.slip-over sweater
  • 7.flapper beads
  • 8.metallic belt
  • 9.strung bracelet
  • 10.knee-length fringed skirt
  • 11.exposed bare knees
  • 12.rolled hose with fancy garter
  • 13.flat-heeled, little girl sandals.

The Flapper was quick to take off in early 1920s Hollywood, as this interview with quintessential screen flapper Colleen Moore can testify !

That’s all !


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