1960’s Eye Makeup Tips – Pattie Boyd

1960’s Eye Makeup Tips – Sixties model Pattie Boyd

1960’s eye makeup – Pattie Boyd

Originally published in Sept 1965 in the beauty magazine 16. Pattie Boyd – ( Beatle girlfriend and source of inspiration to classic songs such as George Harrison’s Something and Eric Claptons Layla. ) wrote a column entitled Pattie Boyd’s Beauty Box.

In this, the first article, she began with that all important 1960s makeup look – the eyes! First of all we look at her beauty kit.

1960’s Makeup Kit – Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd’s Makeup Kit
  • Blush-on rouge
  • Foundation cream for lips before lip gloss.
  • Pale pink lipstick
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Blue-gray eye shadow
  • Brownish-black eye-liner
  • Lip gloss
  • Black mascara
  • Long comb with coarse and fine teeth
  • Gold bristle brush

Many of you have asked me for information on how I do my make-up (particularly my eyes) and how I create my hairstyles. So I’d like to devote a few issues of my column to some of my little  “beauty” secrets!

In this post, I’m going to show you how I do my eyes – and how you can do yours! In the next issue, I’ll go into general make-up.
So let’s get started – and I suggest that you take a look at my Beauty Beauty Box picture, as I am currently using all those makeup items. You can choose your own of course.

1960’s Eye Makeup Tutorial

In my humble opinion, a girls eyes are the most important feature of her face, and they need the most work. Which is why I spend lots of time on my own -as you should. A girl needs to be patient about learning eye makeup skills . Remember – to have plenty of light on your eyes when doing their make-up, take your time and never NEVER do your eye make-up when you are in a rush.

After you’ve cleansed your face, sit down in front of a well-lit mirror, and tie back your bangs if like me you have them and take a good long look at your eyes. Look at your eye lids – both the upper and lower, and see where your lashes grow in on the upper lid. For today’s 1960s eye makeup lesson you will need some eyeliner, an eye-liner brush – a sable with a fine point, blue-gray and brown eye-shadow,a clean mascara brush and of course – mascara!


1960’s eye makeup tutorial – Pattie Boyd. 1. Eyeliner

First – moisten your sable eye-liner brush and cover it with eye-liner. I use paste but you can use liquid if you want.It’s up to you to decide whether black or dark brown eye-liner suits you best . Black is usually reliable on every woman, but you can’t go wrong with dark brown either. Gently, but firmly, draw an even black line from the inside of the top lid and go outward.

Make sure that you keep your lids lowered while concentrating on seeing what you’re doing – with the other eye. You may have to use the other hand to pull lid taught to create a straight line. If you find it hard, then create a base line with a medium soft black eyebrow pencil, then follow that line with the eyeliner brush. Practice making the end of your eye-line curve upwards straight and then down. Go with whatever looks best on you.

Eye Shadow

1960’s eye makeup tutorial – Pattie Boyd. 2. Eye Shadow

Next you’ll apply your eye shadow. Have a couple of basic colors to hand for blending with your clothes and colors. I keep brown and blue-gray colors. Use a lush creamy cake eye-shadow and a firm brush. Imagine a line going straight out from the inside of your eyebrow to just above the inside corner of your eye.

Then gently brush on the eye shadow from that point, carefully arching the line slightly upwards and keeping it just above the first crease in your eyelid.
When you reach the top spot in the middle, slope down ways, stopping just above the end of your natural eye-line.
This makes your eyes look exciting – doesn’t it?!


1960’s eye makeup tutorial – Pattie Boyd. 3. Mascara

Finally, apply the mascara. Using black or brown, cake or tube. Lift your eyebrows and angle your head in a manner that feels right for you. Brush om the mascara with upward and outward strokes. When it’s nearly dry, you apply another coat, but don’t let your lashes to cake together. I personally also put mascara on my lower lashes.This looks better on younger girls Older girls should mascara only the upper lid – trust me on this!

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Lisa Eldridge recently did a retro 1960s makeup tutorial on Edie Campbell which was inspired by this tutorial.

That’s all !
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  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely tips. I will try doing this makeup for the party I’ll be attending this Saturday.

  2. I’m pretty sure I remember this article from 16 – or maybe there was an article like this in EVERY issue of 16! I never had the complexion or hair of the 60s models but I still religiously took notes on beauty tips and adapted for my darker skin. Thank you for the walk down memory lane :)

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