1920’s Dress Fashion – Visual Timeline from 1921 to 1929

Clifford Adams – Two Flappers – National Geographic

This visual 1920’s fashion timeline can be read as an appendage to:
1920’s Dress Fashion – The Rise and Fall of the Flapper

1920’s Dress Fashion – Visual 1920s clothing Timeline from 1921 to 1929.

1920s fashion – The Flapper

A 1920’s fashion timeline of French day and evening dress styles from 1921 to 1929 with imagery from the  L’Officiel de la Mode Archives. The notable transition from straight angular silhouettes through the mid 1920’s back to more feminine curves by 1929 is evident. Also interestingly – evening frocks in the early 1920s were quite simple affairs, and hems rose dramatically, often higher than skirts and dresses worn in daytime, but by 1927, fell to the floor again, in much more opulent styles. 1920’s Dress simplified!

Visual Timeline of 1920s women’s clothing – day and evening wear

1921 Day Outfit


1921 Evening Dress


1922 Winter day Outfit


1922 Evening Dress


1924 day Outfit


1924 Evening Dress


1925 day dress


1925 evening frock


1926 day outfit
1926 day dresses


1926 Evening Frock


1927 day outfit


1926 Evening Dresses


1927 Summer day dress


1928 evening frock


1929 day outfit


1929 evening frock

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