1940’s Fashion – How to wear Fully Fashioned Stockings


 The instructions for putting on Fully Fashioned Stockings !!
That expensive kind which come apart after one night out.

Vintage fully Fashioned Stockings [ with seams ] should be rolled right down to the toe before putting on. They should be rolled on gently and eased over the heel. They should then be rolled slowly up the leg and the seam should be checked for straightness as this is done. Stockings should always be put on while the wearer is seated and with the legs lightly bent. The suspender should be fastened while the knee is bent and never too tightly, nor more than half-way down the welt. The side suspender should be at the side, and if the position of the suspender on the garment to which it appears to fall too far behind the line of the hip, it should be moved slightly forward, for the sake of the life of the stocking.
[ and I love this bit ]
Never smoke while putting on nylon stockings, as the minute particles of hot tobacco ash will melt through the nylon yarn and holes and ladders are bound to result. This accounts for many customers’ complaints that their stockings have given way, despite the fact that they had never been snagged or damaged in wear.

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The images and text are from a Pretty Polly instruction manual from yonks ago, found on Ho-Hose

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  2. I didn't know that I was wearing my stockings wrong until I checked this out. It was kinda troublesome to roll the stocking to the toes but it can't be helped.
    I will try this tomorrow. I always wear stockings with my Korean style dress

  3. Since I am not a smoker, I never thought not to smoke around stockings. That definitely put a smile on my face!

  4. great post! i love vintage stockings. i'm willing to bet i could manage it with a smoke in my mouth though :)

  5. What lovely directions, such great history. Imagine having to explain to your customer that you can not account for them smoking while putting on their new stockings. so funny! ♥

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