The True Story of the Debut of Nylon Stockings

The Nylon hosiery sensation of 1940 The story of how Nylon stockings shook the fashion world. Who created Nylons and the seismic impact they had on women. As long as skirts are short, women will wear nothing but sheer, leg flattering hose. Up to 1940, the most a woman could expect of a three threaded silk stocking was about 150…

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Christmas Lingerie, Hosiery and Corsetry from Sears – 1933

Women in the 1930s cross America waited eagerly for the bumper Sears Christmas catalog- We take a quick peek at their underwear and hosiery selection from 1933. Every American woman knows the importance in maintaining her figure. With good shape-wear, your wardrobe immediately looks better on you. Now from Sears comes a new range in comfortable corsets– NU-BACK, which is…

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Bewitching Lingerie from What Katie Did

What Katie Did have really gotten into the seasonal Halloween spirit this year with bewitching corsets, Maitresse Bullet bras and Girdlettes, and Glamour Corselettes, all celebrating the glamor of 1950’s women’s fashion. Think Hollywood films like Easter Parade and Singing in the Rain ! Happy shopping !

Uncle Sam needs your Stockings !

Stockings for the war effort Uncle Sam decided that stockings would be put to much better use in the war, than as women’s apparel. Namely – for converting into powder bags which were used to propel missile projectiles in US Navy Guns. How romantic is that !?  In 1942, depots appeared everywhere appealing to women to dump their used stockings…

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Vintage Stockings Re-visited

Just updated an old post on Vintage Stockings – History and Archive Film Enjoy !

1940’s Fashion – How to wear Fully Fashioned Stockings

   The instructions for putting on Fully Fashioned Stockings !! That expensive kind which come apart after one night out. Vintage fully Fashioned Stockings [ with seams ] should be rolled right down to the toe before putting on. They should be rolled on gently and eased over the heel. They should then be rolled slowly up the leg and…

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1950’s Fashion – Fully Fashioned Stockings

1950’s Fashion – Fully Fashioned Stockings Put simply there is no better supplier of vintage inspired seamed hosiery than What Katie Did.

1930’s Fashion – The invention of Nylon Stockings !

The invention of Nylon Stockings ! The story of nylon, and subsequently – nylon stockings began with a gentleman called Wallace Carothers, whose team at DuPonts chemical company, after ten years of research in the field of Polymers, produced a fiber that was to replace silk in many clothing garments.After his lab came up with dozens of polymide contenders, Carothers…

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Vintage Stockings – an image and film history

1920’s hosiery ad – illustrated by Coles Phillips. Vintage Stockings History and Archive films The story of how hosiery developed into such a uniquely feminine piece of apparel is largely to do with the developments in fiber. During the late 1800’s, the fibers used in hosiery changed over from woolen to cotton. By the early 1920’s, women’s stockings were almost…

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Vintage Fashion Stockings Film

The Invention of Nylon Stockings When Nylon arrived on the scene in the late 1930’s, it triggered what can only be described as a form of mass hysteria amongst women in the USA. During the Second World War – nylon was strictly rationed. Women even handed them in at war depots so that they could be used in – believe…

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