1950s Fashion – Slender Fall Dresses 1953

You’ll want a Slender Dress for Autumn –

By Elizabeth Madiera
Fashion Editor – Womens Home Companion

Fall Dresses 1953

Fashion in 1953 comes to a close, pivot around the narrow silhouette but this fall’s clothes aren’t too straight and strict. Designers have given them a new softness, a flexibility of cut that readies them for any woman’s wearing !


1953 – Fall Tweed Day Suit – Harvey Berin by Karen Stark

Most wearable black and white tweed, tucks to give a look of width at the shoulders, a kick-pleat to make walking easy, braid at collars, cuffs.

1953 – Afternoon and Evening Dress – Adele Simpson

Late-day elegance – fine broadcloth for afternoon and evening – the fitted jacket, mink-collared, covers a brief sleeved scoop-neck short dinner dress.


1953 – Fall Afternoon Dress – Jane Derby

Jane Derby’s afternoon dress of silk satin, carnation-embroidered, has a shallow V neck in front, closes in a low V at the back.

1953 – Fall Dinners Dress – Nettie Rosenstein

Back fullness – dramatic variation of the slender line – and double collar give great style to Nettie Rosenstein’s short dinner dress of jewel-toned barathea.

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