Vintage 1930s Tips for Sultry Eye Makeup

Rose Laird beauty booklet 1938


James Bennett over at Cosmetics & Skin has been compiling a fascinating collection of vintage beauty promotional booklets created by famous and infamous cosmetic brands through the 20th century, which we’ll be taking a look at over a few blog posts in the coming weeks, starting with this 1938 booklet by beauty and cosmetics pioneer Rose Laird.
“I cannot take all the credit for the research on the promotional booklets page,” James has stressed “as it is a combined effort from a number of collectors in Australia, America and the UK”.

I have found Cosmetics and Skin a wonderful resource of information on makeup and thoroughly recommend it to our readers. It’s a real gem of a site.

The Rose H. Laird Company was established in New York in 1912, selling her products first in Macy’s before expanding in Canada, South America, Britain, France, India and South Africa. Largely forgotten now, she was a true pioneer as significant as Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden. You can read the full story of Rose Laird by James and have a look at the full booklet via the link below.

Here’s a wee excerpt:

Irish eyes are commonly acknowledged to be the most beautiful of all, because they were “put in with smutty fingers.” Nature shadowed them perfectly. We must emulate the Irish by the clever application of eye shadow, together with mascaro which lends an alluring veil to the eyes.

Eyeshadow for Close-set Eyes


To give width to eyes that are too close together, start eye shadow at the centre of the upper lid, blend out and upward to the end of the eyebrow. Apply Mascaro from the centre out, heavily, barely touching lashes from the nose to the centre of the eye.

For Deep-set Eyes


Blend eye-shadow outward from the centre of the upper lid, shading more heavily on the upper area. Add just a hairline of the shadow to the lower lid, blending it at the corner into a slight shadow.

For Small Eyes


Draw a fine line with shadow just below the lower lashes. Then with your fingertip, blend out to the corner of the eye until it becomes a shadow. Use Mascaro heavily on upper lashes, but barely touch the upper lid with Eye-shadow.

That’s all !
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1930s Beauty Booklet - Rose Laird

Check out Cosmetics and Skins growing collection of vintage beauty booklets, and if you have old booklets in your collection you would like to add to the collection, send James your scans.
“200dpi, preferably with all the edges included. Relevant information regarding size, date (if possible) and page numbers also!”


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