1940s Hairstyle – Exciting Post War Hair ideas

Hair parts ways from old mode in 1946 –

1940s Hairstyle---Exciting-Post-War-Hair-ideas

1940s hairstyle report from 1946

Although our ideas on curl types, wave types, length of hair and other factors involved in hairstyling have changed considerably through the years, we still cling to the old and conventional modes of parting our hair.
Especially is there a need for this change today when we are in the midst of a hair trend. With a dynamic and unusual part, a short hair coiffure can be lifted out of the ranks of the plain or ordinary to excel in attraction a long hair mode which depends chiefly on the intricate manipulation of hair bulk for an appealing look.
Position or placement of parts, as much as the type or direction of line, makes for interesting parts.
Factors which may influence the choice of a part placement to some to some degree are the shape of the face, hair texture, cow-licks, degree of hair curl, and hairline regularity.

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Here are the new parts:

1940s Hairstyle---Exciting-Post-War-Hair-ideas---curved-parts
1.Curved Part:
This part is one of the most dynamic. It’s curved line has a flattering effect, providing effective style variations. This one swings from left front to centre nape.

1940s Hairstyle---Exciting-Post-War-Hair-ideas---parallel parts

2.Parallel Part
This gives you an easy-to-comb hairdo, starting from the back of the head ( difficult to do yourself but ask your hairdresser). It’s particular good for short hair. The short perm waved ends of the parallel parts are brushed forward toward the centre back to meet in the middle of the head.

3.Low side Part:
This affords the hair above the part the opportunity of swinging upward in a great, wide “sheet” of hair which finally breaks into a large roll. Hair beneath the part is fashioned into a short wave and small buff.

1940s Hairstyle---Exciting-Post-War-Hair-ideas---bang part

4.Bang Part:
This imparts a daring line in the middle of the bang.This is a centre part variation, with bangs curling to sides.Giving a coquettish look. The side hair is waved back.

5.The Apple Pie Part:
So named as it resembles the quarter piece of pie. A mid-centre part extending a little more than halfway down the back of the head. Comb the hair upward in the upper right section, with the ends fluffed into a soft roll. The rest of the hair is combed to the side and downward.

1940s Hairstyle---Exciting-Post-War-Hair-ideas technique

The Technique:
7.To find a part, the hair is combed back and smoothed with fingers.
8.As the top hair is pushed forward with hand, clean part “breaks” emerge.
9.At point where the part is to be, the comb is inserted in a natural part break !

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Modern Beauty Shop – April 1946

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