1930s Fashion – Fall Styles for 1938

Autumnal dresses and shoes for cold days ahead –


Daytime Dresses:


To the left above, a darling outfit, the wool plaid and the cut of the sleeve make this Star maid dress something fresh and exciting to wear. the sleeve, a modified dolman, has deep armholes forming part of the shoulder and waist.
The trimming for the dress on the right is a sort of embossed quilting.


Sleeves are either dolmen or wrinkled below the elbow with a high roll shoulder !

College fashions:

These fall in to two categories
1. Clothes for the co-ed who regards the men students about her as possible beaus.
2. Clothes for the eastern collegian on an Adam less campus.


Neiman Markus of Dallas Texas, reports that on the campus, co-eds wear silk stockings, hats, shoes with heels. feminine sweaters and smart street dresses, while Slattery’s of Boston report that girls on the campus wear socks, ribbons, saddle Oxfords, Brooks College type sweaters many sizes too big for them, ski pants and boots.


For evening dances however, all college girls want dresses that make them look like sirens !


New shoes for Fall


The Italians have transformed the way we think about our shoes. Last year Ferragamo made news with his thick soles and heels extending under the arch. This year Vincent de Liso ( of Walter de Liso ) has joined the list of must have shoes!


Above we see the new fall models.

Coats without fur: Block plaids and wool & calfskin combinations achieve novelty.


Cloth coats without fur have a limited market. Since they are made of medium-weight woollens, frequently without interlinings, they are considered in-between coats, only worn for brief periods in Fall and Spring.
Manufacturers know that consumers expect such coats to do service for three or more years.
hence style changes are almost unnoticeable and are far less important than materials and workmanship.

This year interest centers in fabric combinations and colors. The coats pictured above show how two designers achieved novelty in their Fall collection. One used a block plaid, the other calfskin with a rough woollen.There is a slight move by Madame Fashion toward the bell shape silhouette for skirts this season and these coats you will note can accommodate such a skirt.

Accessories: Bags as large as suitcases !


This season you will see bags at least 14 inches wide. Gone are the small Parisian handbags of last year.


A note to short women however. Large bags will make you look even shorter, so don’t get carried away !

That’s all !

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©Life Magazine 1938

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