The 15 Minute Miracle Hair Care Egg Shampoo – 1929

Illustrated 1920’s hairstyle tips

1920s hairstyle report by Ann Boyd

When doing an egg shampoo, it is important to remember that hair should not be washed too often. Once every two weeks is the best practice to adopt. Many women also neglect regular brushing because it destroys an artificial wave.

However, there are many clever devices for waving the hair at home, which allows a girl to brush her hair every night.

The Fifteen Minute Miracle Egg Shampoo

1920's-Beauty-School---15-Minute- EggShampoo
The egg shampoo – 1920’s hair care tutorial

Demonstrated by Virginia Bruce.

  • Separate an egg carefully in a small, deep bowl.
  • Beat the white of the egg until it is firm.
  • Rub the stiffly beaten white of egg into the hair, so that the entire scalp and all the ends are covered with the mixture. two eggs are necessary if the hair is long and thick.
  • Let the egg white dry on the hair. this should require five minutes, but do not disturb or brush out until the mixture is thoroughly dry.
  • Brush out the dried albumen carefully, and the hair will be delightfully cleansed of all dust and oil, and will not have lost its original water wave or Marcel wave.

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