Waist Pinchers – 1947 – Return of the Corset.

The unnatural shape reappears in fashion –


The custom satin and lace corset here sold by Saks Fifth Avenue, nipping in at the waist and flaring out at the hips represents the American woman’s willingness to compress, pad and otherwise distort her natural body into unnatural shapes dictated by high fashion.


This year’s New Look from calls from Paris calls for bulging hips and buxom bosoms connected by an attenuated waist.
So the corset is back and stylish american women are going to be asked to submit to the pads and tight lacing of their Edwardian grandmothers once more.


The ‘little’ corsets or ‘waist pinchers‘ will slim unruly waists as much as three inches – if you can stand the pressure!
But to the make who sneaks an arm around an attractive waist, they will represent a new Maginot line of elastic and bones of spring steel.

That’s all!

Photographs by Nina Leen
Originally published in 1947 Life Magazine.

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  1. Yes, the corset is back in full swing. I’ve thought about giving in and trying waist training but I’m not too excited about squishing my organs. Ahh well. Great post! lol

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