1930s Fashion – Gorgeous Autumn Styles for 1934

Autumn and Winter fashion review – Hollywood 1934 –

Carolyn Van Wycks reports for Glamourdaze from October 1934. Looking at the latest 1930s Autumn styles from Hollywood’s finest designer,Walter Plunkett ( Singin in the Rain / Gone with the Wind) and Rene Hubert


No Fall wardrobe is complete without one black afternoon dress. Walter Plunkett has designed one for Rochelle Hudson to wear in “Bachelor Bait” that will be perfect for you too. The synthetic silk is ribbed like bengaline, its sole ornamentation being the clever white lace collar appliqued to it and brought across one side in a sweep.

A Flurry of Fur for 1930s Daytime suits.


Jane Wyatt wears two woolen suits by designer Vera West, that are fur trimmed in unusual ways. The suit on the left has rich dark brown kalinsky fur trimming her jacket in a complete border about the neck, down the front and around the hem. At the neck the fur forms an upstanding rippled collar which is set away from the face to permit the use of a bright scarf. Hooks and eyes close the jacket.
The suit on the right worn again by Jane is made with the simplicity of a two piece dress. the neckline is collarless with only the pleating of the woolen to stand up about the throat. Single fox skins circle each sleeve. And two wooden buttons with a patent leather belt help as closing to the jacket. Her hat is piped and banded with patent leather, suede pumps are trimmed with it.


Two synthetic fabrics achieve color and texture contrast in a tailored daytime dress from Dorothy lee‘s Fall wardrobe. The body of the dress is a moss-like green crepe. the vestee, buttoning on in novel manner, is a cream colored fabric with one side in a bengaline weave, the other in a satin finish. Accessories are of suede. Rene Hubert has gone to costumers of Hungarian peasants for inspiration in designing this satin blouse worn by Janet Gaynor. the sleeves and the gay embroidery are of peasant origin as well as the basque-like design. Blue wool skirt finishes off this becoming outfit.


Women are always crying for more pictures of Janet Gaynor’s clothes, so we are being very obliging this month! Here are two more costumes which she wears so becomingly. Designer Rene Hubert has given them his deft touch and you will want them for yourselves. Left is a green wool suit with Eton-type jacket. Leopard collar and muff. To the right, a simple little beige wool suit Janet wears in an important scene in her latest picture “Servants Entrance”. This is the type of suit that you may wear now and under your tweed or fur coat for the cold winter months ahead!

1930s Tunics are back!


The tunic theme is enjoying an interesting revival this season. It appears in both daytime and evening fashions. Diane Wynyard wears this charming crepe evening gown with a jacket length tunic. Deep armholes, cleverly draped, make shoulder caps. A dashing red velvet sash has streamers to the skirt train. Rene Hubert has designed a cocktail tunic costume on the right for Mona Barrie‘s own wardrobe which shows how vivid contrast can be artfully employed. A lipstick red crepe tunic with long black crepe skirt and sash in a half and half affair of both colors. This tunic is longer than Diana’s and is quite definitely Russian in influence.

THATS-ALL -Glamourdaze

Originally published in Photoplay – 1934
Many thanks to The Media History Project – for sourcing,scanning and preserving these wonderful magazines.

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  1. I sooooooo wish someone today would design beautiful clothes like these.
    They have so much class and beauty and femininity which just seems to be disappearing these days. You can hardly find a dress with sleeves let alone with any fashionable lines. LOVE LOVE LOVE these vintage styles.

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