Secrets of 1930s Make-up – Vintage Archive film.

Courtesy of Pathe’s Vintage Fashion channel.

Until the late 1940s, all newsreels had to be voiced by a male voice-over. And if the subject was aimed at women, by a condescending male voice over !
Still – the film is charming and the vintage 1930s make-up styles of British ladies are great to look at.

Making up is an art – if only one knows how !
and continental beauty experts say that one must be able to size up a face aswell !
In otherwards – make-up is made to measure !


1930s make-up Contouring.

With a perfect oval face – this triangle marks the very limit of operation !
When the forehead, nose and chin are of different length – the cheeky triangles shaped accordingly.
Thus making up with make-up in what the face lacks in uniformity.
The effect is seen in these two women.
On the left – bad make-up – on the right – good !


1930’s Lip make-up look.

Now the lips – this is where we get warmed up to our subject..
If the mouth is not so cupids bow-ish and the lips are a teeny bit heavy
– you should slightly exaggerate the middle to form a V, and avoid colouring
the extreme ends.

The middle V can be enlarged to shorten the space under the nose.
and the ends left severely alone again

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