The 1950’s Womans Beauty Salon

1950’s womans beauty salon

Here we have an archive film exploring the mysteries of a 1950’s woman’s beauty salon, and though still run by men – it was the 1950’s after all –  there is a noticeable absence of the usual patronizing narrator in this film compared to many of the 1950’s beauty instruction films of that era.

Nail care 1950s style

The way to beauty in the 1950’s was not the most attractive.But the admiring glances were worth it. The 1950s woman went  to the beauty shop for special facial treatments, bringing a look of health and youth.
A manicurist shaped and polished a woman’s nails to accentuate the length and gracefulness of long tapering fingers. Knowledge of skincare and facial structure was something a beautician learned as an apprentice. Her fingers were the tools with which she always worked. The direction in which they moved – the rhythm of the massage performed another kind of beauty magic.The beauty of a 1950’s woman’s hands were as important to her as her face, hair and clothing – if she was to feel well dressed and at ease.

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  1. That is such a great video, it really gives an insight into the past. It doesn't look like any of the beauty salons in Bedford, that's for sure. I imagine more men worked in them back then purely for the fact that not as many women had jobs in that time, so whatever jobs were going around were still dominated by men. I'm glad that that's not the case anymore and us women have a better chance to have a career.