Vintage 1940’s Junior Prom – Archive Film

Vintage prom – 1940s style – archive film

The prom as it is known today really took off in the US during the 1940’s . There were strict codes of behaviour as this film charmingly shows. Note how neither of the young women has an updo hairstyle, as many do now when going for a vintage 1940s look at proms or weddings. The long flowing locks were all the rage for the prom night.The prom dress was generally a simple flowing affair that was both feminine and practical. Prom dresses of the 1940s appeared to be either tight fitting sleeveless affairs or alternatively ‘ dance’ dresses which were long and free flowing.But all were simple in design.

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8 thoughts on “Vintage 1940’s Junior Prom – Archive Film”

  1. Oh these dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I remember seeing pictures of my grammy in her prom dress when i was a little girl, it was such a fabulous time to be a teenage girl!

  2. We don't have prom in England, but I love all these dresses! Their simplicity and the girls' ability to actually dance in them is so charming, it's nice that prom was about dancing and having fun rather than just the clothes like it's portrayed now.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. The shapes are simple but the beading (all over the front sequins) is pretty bold for a teenager in the 40s. Although I'm possibly imagining more a more Auropean, austere version of the 40s!

  4. Love, love this as my mom was a teen in the 1940s. She was not allowed to go to dances or anywhere at night unless her brothers chaperoned her.
    What a different time. Sweet and love the hairdos.

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