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1950’s Beauty & Hair Guide

Joan Holloway – Mad Men

Step 4 – Hair Care

We probably spend most of our attention on our hair.

Our hair needs careful attention !
Like caring for the skin, proper care of the hair
requires some understanding of its structure and function.


A healthy scalp has plenty of oil to which
dirt will cling, so wash your hair frequently.

Your hair should be washed once every two weeks,
or more often if necessary, with water and a mild soap.
Rinse your hair thoroughly.


A few drops of lemon juice or vinegar during the second
rinse, removes any remaining soap residue.

The final rinse however should be in fresh water.

If your hair squeaks after final rinsing, you know it’s clean.


Most girls follow washing, by doing up their hair in pins
or curling rods.


This is a good time, since damp hair is more elastic than
dry hair, and you’ll find it easier to manage.

Permanent waving, if skillfully done, will not damage your hair.

However, the use of strong dye or bleaches, is very likely
to make the hair brittle.
Brittle hair in turn is likely to break off in larger quantities
than you care to lose.


For normal daily haircare, your hair should be methodically
combed and brushed.

Careful brushing, not only gets rid of dirt clinging to scales,
but increases the lustre of your hair, by spreading out its oil.


A small amount of hair always comes out during a brushing.
This is normal.
Natural hair beauty is possible, if you take care of your hair,
and make the most of what nature has given you.


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12 thoughts on “1950’s Fashion – Vintage Beauty Guide – Haircare”

  1. It takes time to train your hair, but you can eventually get to a point where you can go several days (and in times of yore several weeks) between washings and still have it look decent. I wash my hair every two days and it looks fine until the evening of the second day. My sister has trained hers (at times) to go as long as four or five days. Of course, exercising and getting sweaty doesn't really work that well with this plan…

  2. Once every two weeks! What! I'd love that but HOW?!!! I'd love to know. I have to wash mine every other day and I wish I didn't!

  3. Great post! Every two weeks, lol. I'm a pincurl girl, and trying to make it a week but the last two or three days is always a challenge! I've finally gotten to where my hair doesn't look greasy until the day before my shampoo, though.

    I'm such a big Joan fan! 60s but I don't suppose it matters, fashion for a decade doesn't stop on the 9 and start anew on the 0 (how far into the 1990s were people still wearing their hair scrunched and sporting puffy jackets??), lol!

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