1940s Fashion – Hedy Lamarr – Style Icon

Hedy Lamarr – originally from Austria – was once dubbed the most beautiful woman on film.

She exhibited a style that was both unique and also expressed the fashions of the time better than most of her fellow actresses.

Not only a talented and glamourous star – she was also an inventor.She co patented a missile defense frequency hopping technology during 1941 that was so far ahead of its time that it wasnt implemented until the 1960’s.It forms the basis of WiFi technology as we know it now.

Hows that for style!

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8 thoughts on “1940s Fashion – Hedy Lamarr – Style Icon”

  1. One of the most beautiful of Hollywood stars, ever, and smart to boot. I'm always happy to read about Hedy.

  2. She is one beautiful and stylish lady. I love the fact that she had a brain as well as looks x

  3. I've always admired Hedy for being able to pull off a middle part and still look stunning. When I think about it, the only other actual female that can do that is Fleur.

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