How to capture that 1940’s Glamour

blankHow to capture that 1940’s Glamour

Invest in the right colors: 1940’s gals knew how to discriminately pick from the colors of the rainbow. Autumn and primary colors are your best bet for getting your 1940’s glam on. Chocolate, navy, black, burgundy, cardinal red, royal blue, and gold are just a few great choices. Stay away from neons, brights, beiges, and other gaudy or boring palettes. If it’s not luxurious, why wear it?

*Wear well-tailored clothes: Bombshells were experts at settling for a just-right fit. Don’t get caught in slouchy get-ups. World War II vixens always strutted around in clothes that properly fit them—nothing too loose. Of course, the reverse is true, too. Too-tight clothes will not only come across as vampish but they’ll also be uncomfortable. You want to look subtle and lady-like. Visit to look at some typical 1940’s outfits.

*Buy elegant hosiery: From fishnets to wool stockings, bombshells knew how to dress their legs. Hosiery covers your gams while still managing to reveal the shape of your calves and thighs. Look for standard black fishnets and sheer pantyhose in dark colors for starters. For other examples, offers a wide selection of tights, thigh highs, pantyhose, and stockings to fit your hosiery needs.

*Stick to classic make-up: The simplest advice for maintaining that 1940’s look is avoiding trendy colors. Fill your make-up case with black or brown mascara and eyeliner, pink or red lipstick, face powder, and blush. Steer clear of fluorescent or tropical anything. You should also own an eyelash curler. Choose one feature to really highlight—such as the lips—and downplay everything else. If you go overboard, you’ll look like a clown!

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