Return to 1920s Paris – in New Color with Sound

A new AI enhanced colorized and upscaled film of 1920s Paris. Flappers, bobbed hairstyles, cafes. All brought to life.

roaring 20s Paris - now in real color with sound
Roaring twenties Paris – ai enhanced color w/ sound. © Glamourdaze

I published my first AI restoration of this footage in February 2021. ” A Day in 1920s Paris.” This is a much improved version. I hope you enjoy it.

1920s Paris in New AI Color & Sound

Video – 1920s Paris in Color with Sound

Look for silent movie star Pola Negri at at the now long forgotten treehouse restaurant bar – Robinson Pavillon Lafontaine.

“Robinson” was a popular guinguette ( a bar where you could drink and dance outdoors). Located at 32 Rue de Malabry in a small commune Le Plessis-Robinson, south of the city.
Today the pavillion is still preserved, but the bar and restaurant and treehouses are long gone.

Only the ghosts remain of those bright flappers of the roaring twenties.

Cafe de la Paix in 1927 – AI color © Glamourdaze

AI Restoration Process

Colorized, frame by frame, using AI deep exemplar-based colorization techniques. Then cleaned and upscaled to 4k 60fps. Finally a soundtrack was added for an immersive time travel movie experience.

Read the paper on Deep Exemplar-based Video Colorization

The Real 1920’s Babylon Berlin – in Color with Sound

The real Babylon Berlin, from a classic 1927 film. Given new life through the efforts of blogger Glamourdaze and the use of artificial neural networks.

The real roaring 20s Babylon Berlin. Ai colorized with sound from Symphony of a City by Walter Ruttman.

That’s all ! © Glamourdaze

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