1950s Vintage Fashion Glamour Gaffes

Glamour gaffes – How Not to be glamorous in 1959


Are you guilty of any of these glamour gaffes? Fill out this check list from 1959 and see how you score.

Don't bite your nails
Proper nail care is paramount. Biting or picking your nails will ruin them. Also, it’s not pleasant to do while in company.
  • Biting your lips. Did you realize you did it?
  • Picking at your nails. Nervous? Don’t show it.
  • Biting your nails. Try wearing gloves till you can stop.
un-feminine posture and applying makeup in public
Young women should never cross their ankles, at least when in heels. Don’t maul your face all the time and try to avoid applying makeup in public
  • Crossed ankles. Wait till you’re old enough – say sixty !
  • Hands on face. Unsure of what you’re saying?
  • Making up in public. This is a big NO. Use the powder room.

TRy not to play with your hair. Sit with one foot slightly in front if the other. It's more feminine. Don't chew your book

  • Twisting your hair. Don’t tell the world you’re frantic.
  • Eagle squat. One foot in front of the other looks best girls.
  • Book chewing? Uh-uh on this bad habit.

These glamour gaffes pretty much apply today. Most of us are guilty of some if not all of them. learning how to sit in a feminine posture goes a long way to alleviate some of the others. Biting nails is always a bad idea, not only for health reasons but – well it ruins those lovely hands.

So how did you score?

That’s all !

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