A 1920s Guide to Posture for Flappers

1928 Guide to Good Posture with Julia Faye


Seven out of ten girls don’t stand, or sit correctly. Apart from being ungainly and unfeminine, it’s extremely bad for the back and arches.
So girls, if you want to be noticed, study these guide photographs to learn the correct deportment for a flapper.

How to stand correctly.


How the well brought up young girl should not stand is illlustrated to the left. Well really Julia!
But over on the right, this is more like it! Julia Faye demonstrates erect posture and firm balance.

How to stand by a chair


Note the bad lines of Julia’s body on the left and the ungraceful balance of legs and hips. On the right, Julia stands in the correct manner.

How to sit correctly #1


No lady should ever sit like Julia does on the left ( even a student ). In fact no lady would! There are other ways of sitting comfortably while still looking graceful, as Julia does to the right.

How to sit correctly #2


The art of sitting with crossed legs went out for women with the arrival of short skirts. ” Don’t do this!” warns Julia.” Cross the feet instead of the legs and you’ll be just as comfortable and twice as feminine!”

How to sit correctly #3


“Never hook your toes behind chair legs, if you would be graceful,” says Miss Faye. All right Julia! To the right is the correct posture.
“Sitting pretty is my name for this pose!” laughs Julia.

That’s all!
Transcription©Glamourdaze 2015
Originally published in 1928 in Screenland.


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