Vintage 1950s Makeup Tutorial Film

1950s Full Makeup Tutorial –


How to achieve a satin clean skin and makeup look to bring out all your natural feminine beauty.
Makeup is a study in itself !
You’ll want not only to know how but when to use it.
For instance – you wouldn’t any more go to school wearing mascara and eye shadow and lipstick than you would go to school wearing an evening gown, but when you use makeup, use it as an extra.




Consider first a foundation. Foundation are bases which go on over throat and face to add a texture and color tone.
Whatever the type of foundation – smooth it into the skin – blend and keep blending, till the foundation is completely unnoticable.
To choose the right color – study yourself
Your total coloring is strictly your own – experiment on your face to find the right foundation color.


If your skin tends to be sallow – try a foundation with some pink in it.
For a skin that tends to have too much color – use a light foundation to take away some of the color.
But whatever you do – dont use your foundation as a thick mask.

No matter how thickly you put it on – you cant hide a badly cleansed broken out skin, and a thick foundation emphasizes wrinkles and makes for an unattractive unreal look.
Put on lightly – blend and keep on blending.

Foundation then – only for the lightest of color base, used over a basically fine skin.



Now to the question of rouge. Rouge is a tint, not a paint.Use lightly and blend it on and slightly below the bone under your eye.Again – blend and keep blending – upward – and you add sparkle !

Rouge unblended into the skin used heavily makes you look older.
Like all makeup – if its noticible – its badly used.



This is true too with accenting eyebrow color. The eyebrows frame the eye – not be noticible in itself.
So never draw a single heavy line, just accent the natural look – gently, lightly, sketch out the line of each hair in the direction in which the hair grows.

Beginning with the line parallel with the corner of the eye – blending at the end of the brow.
Dont let the end of the line droop, you’ll look as if your whole face is drooping !

Now brush the hair up with a dry brush, and then, taking a small comb, barely turn down the tips of the hairs.
You’ll have a beautiful clean line !




For the right occasion, eye shadow is also an aid to eye beauty. But if you use it, use it correctly.
Choose a color that brings out your own eye color.

Blue for blue eyes – using just a bit of the shadow on your finger, begin tracing the line as close to the lid edge as possible.

Here green is used for hazel eyes – start halfway across the lid. This makes the eye look larger.
Now blend and blend until its absolutely unnoticeable, right out and up toward the hairline.

Keep blending – thats the only way to keep the natural look



The clean look using mascara depends on your not using too much. Used too thickly – the effect is hard – vulgarizing
Remember mascara is not for everyone at all times.

Use tastefully – use sparingly.Wipe brush almost dry – then apply just on the top lashes only.
Brush each lash individually.


Now take a dry brush – again – brush each lash separately, till all but just a touch of color is brushed off.

The beauty of the eye is what you see – not the makeup !




The use of lipsticks is one of the greatest tests in your artistry and good taste in using makeup
For the cleanest most natural line – use a brush. A little patience and a little practice and you’ll be an expert.

Fill the brush with color – as always you can check color by effect.
Trace a clean unexaggerated line – staying as close to the natural line as possible.
If lips are too thin – fill right out to the outer most edge of the line.
If too full – stop within the line. Brush in lipstick – filling the line right out to the corner.


Now this is important – blot off all excess. Unblotted lipsticks are pasty looking.
Blot – for a smooth clean natural look, and study the impression left on the tissue to check the shaping of the lips !

Powder – the finishing touch


Now for powder.Take a clean piece of cotton – cotton is best because it fluffs powder on – doesnt leave a heavy flat surface.
Use fresh each time for absolute cleanliness. Fluff on powder for a softening effect and then brush and brush off !
If the makeup shows, your powders not natural looking. Then for a final professional touch – take a sponge and dampen it only slightly.
Then pat all over your makeup !


The final freshening for that natural makeup look. Your one two three beauty plan completed
Its shining beauty, naturally emphasized with a natural makeup.

That’s all !
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Watch the original vintage 1950s makeup tutorial film.

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