1940s Coat styles from 1943 to 1945

Swedish Fashion Archive of 1940s War Era Women

1940s single belted military influenced wool coat and hat fashions-1943

A peek in to 1940s war era winter coat fashions from Sweden. Elegance was the order of the day with all coats either covering or very near the hem of the skirt. While many women now worked in industry vacated by men, when the time came for clocking out of the factory or farm, it was on with the heels and a fashionable coat again and if you could afford one – a fur coat. But they were comfortable and in if you could afford it, luxuriously feminine. While real fur coats are rightly a thing of the past, they are something to look at. Perhaps the most defining style of the early 1940s was the more practical, military belted gabardine wool coat with wide shoulders, tucked in waist and flared at the bottom. Either single breasted or double.
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Popular-1940s-mink fur-coat-and-hat-fashions
Pure decadence and animal rights out the window in the austere 1940s in these luxurious mink coats.
Mink or Persian? Popular evening coat styles of the 1940s
The two extremes in 1940s coat fashion – the iconic single belted woolen coat or a shameless Ocelot fur coat
1940s coat fashion - Persian
Two beautiful Persian coat styles
Woman-in-Persian-coat,-dark-hat and veil with gloves and sling back shoes -1945
Woman-in-Persian-coat-with-highlighted-waistcoat – 1945

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