1930s Fashion – Pyjama Belles in November 1930

The pyjama vogue has swept the USA in 1930 –


Cosy nights in beckon in these feminine night attires. To the left – Anita Page in modernistic print pajamas designed by Adrian. A matching handkerchief is worn, gypsy fashion, about her head.
To the right – delightful Raquel Torres demonstrates the use of stripes for pyjamas this winter season. Stripes can be worn up and down or roundabout. These are of blending yellows, orange and brown – bringing an autumnal look to Miss Torres in her boudoir. A matching bandana  worn with the outfit.


Next – to the left, Gwen Lee in a patterned pajama ensemble. Here you see the combination of a pastel blue jumper and finger-tip length coat piped in the printed material of the wide-bottomed pyjamas. This costume fits any occasion. To the right, Dorothy Sebastian demonstrates the value of polka dots for the pajama ensemble