1930 Hollywood Beauty Tricks – Oct 1932

All the beauty tricks of the stars –

1930s Beauty report by Caroline Van Wyck

1. Fall Coiffures.


Joan Bennett presents the Riviera bob, her first distinct departure in coiffures in three years. Heretofore her bob has been long. This new coiffure emphasises three important trends. The bob is short. The ends are curled. The neckline is revealed. From a left part the hair sweeps into a profucion of poppyette curls on the right. On both sides the hair is brushed upward.


Anita Louise illustrates an ideal coiffure for the blonde spirituelle type. Hair of this kind should be persuaded into an aura for the face rather than curled in definite form. Slight wings of hair at the forehead show fashion’s compromise beween the completely exposed forehead and the bang vogue.
Feathery wisps at the ears also suggest the popular face curls. A long bob, at least four inches of back hair, is necessary for this coiffure.
Madame Fashion now admits that either the back roll must come into wide popularity again or the hats with upturned backs must go. The smooth, unadorned neckline simply does not adjust itself becomingly to the more romantic line in hats.

Fall Beauty hints.


Rochelle Hudson is demonstrating her pet oatmeal facial. Gently stimulating, marvelous for cleansing and soothing. It leaves her skin with flower-like radiance. “Wash your face thoroughly,” says Rochelle “then rinse in cold water and to the damp skin apply the pack. Fill a gauze square with oatmeal, wet well and wash the face gently, especially the nostrils and chin. Or pour a tablespoon of oatmeal in the palm, wet with hot water, and apply to the skin in that manner. Remove with cold water.

Home made eyes-shadow.


Fifi D’Orsay follows an old theatrical tradition and makes her her own home made eye shadow. She smokes the bottom of her cold cream box with a candle, mixes a dab of of the resulting black charcoal with the cream and then shadows her lids. Hmm ..well Fifi, we still prefer the modern cream form, but ten marks for effort !

Laughing beauty.


“Plenty of laughter and plenty of face exercise,” advises Fifi D’Orsay in the interest of youth and beauty. Fifi’s favourite is lifting the face at the temples, so that the eyes and mouth curve outwards. “This relaxes, soothes, and rests.”


A modern touch, that Harlequin disc of rouge Lilyan Tashman applies to her ‘lower’ jawbone, not the usual natural ‘upper line’.
“Artiface shpuld on occasion look like artiface, not try to be natural,” explains Lilyan. “The rouging of the lower jawline carries out the doll motif of my bangs and I do like the color next to my frock!”

The dry “brush shampoo”.


A hundred strokes of your brush masquerading in this interesting manner will give you the best dry shampoo you ever had. Irene Dunne ties gauze over her brush and proceeds with a perfect cleansing and polishing treatment for her hair. Let the bristles come just slightly through the porous gauze, which in turn will catch all that excess oil and dust. Change to fresh gauze as you proceed. It really works !

That’s all !
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Photoplay 1932

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