1940s Fashion – White Collar Girls

Daily Wardrobes of Four working women in 1940 –

In the early months of 1940 Photoplay takes a look at the daily dress codes of four typical working girls in the tinsel city of Hollywood land

1.The Fashion Publicist – Daily Wardrobe in 1940

Subject: Eleanore Roberts


At Work-
During office hours, Eleanore, the perfect young fashion executive, wears a faultless tailored tricolor suit that teams a black wool skirt with a beige wool shirt and a scarlet jacket splashed with giant pockets. Nore: Fashion executives wear their hats all day long ! Eleanore’s is a rolling sailor – sporting quills and a veil. Suit, $22.95, Russeks, New York

At Play-
After five – cocktails with a star. And though Eleanore earns only half of that luminary’s salary, she looks every bit as smart in her black wool suit with its rich facade of glistening patent and sparkling jet. Beneath is a basic dress which is perfect for wear with accessories. $19.95, Russeks. New York.

2. The Beauty Specialist – Daily Wardrobe in 1940

Subject: Jane Grant


At Work-
A person of importance in the salon must look the part. Stars depend on you for perfect make-up and expect you to be well dressed. Jane Grant’s choice for work is discreet – “The Two Timer” – a black Celanese rayon crepe dress that works wonders. After hours you zip in the giddy gold-embroidered sleeves and add a festive gold-timmed belt! $22.95, Franklin Simon. New York.

At Play-
Bowling is a favorite recreation from coast to coast and it’s tips with jane. “It’s good for my figure too!” says Jane, wearing gray men’s wear flannel slacks and a bold, bold plaid featherweight wool and rayon shirt. It’s a sure “strike” at the bowling alleys guys! Slacks are $6.50, and shirt at $2, from Arnold Constable. New York

3. The Secretary – Daily Wardrobe in 1940

Subject: Mildrid Missic.


At Work-
A Publicity Director’s secretary is as hard working a girl as there is on a studio lot, so her clothes must be simple and functional. Mildred toils in a soft green Celanese rayon crepe fly front dress with push up sleeves and pleated pockets – and what a pleasing color. $17.95. Altman. New York.

At Play-
What do you suppose a girl who works in an office does for recreation? Sports, of course! Mildred plays 18 holes in this sweet Ken tee golf dress of greyed rayon and gabardione with feather buttons and belts, handy pockets for holding tees. $10.95, Carson Pirie Scott, Chicago.

4. The Writer – Daily Wardrobe in 1940

Subject: Ketti Frings.


At Work-
These writer girls do get around, as Ketti Frings can easily testify – so she wears a trim little all-purpose suit that takes her anywhere in style. A beige tweed skirt is topped by a brown jersey blouse and soft beige wool cardigan. Ketti can ring as many changes as she pleases by having a few extra blouses. $14.95, McCreerys, New york.

At Play-
A home girl at last! Ketti likes nothing better than to slip into a hostess gown when she relaxes from her work and welcomes her firends for cocktails or tea. Pale turquoise blue matelasse crepe is ketti’s choice – draped as devinely as any of her evening gowns and far less costly. $12.95, Milgrims, New York !

That’s all !

First published in 1940 by Photoplay
Thanks to Media History Project.

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