Be a 1920’s Gatsby Bride

Be a 1920’s Gatsby Style Bride – Vintage Wedding Dress Ideas.


With the rash of 1920s and 1930s related movies of recent years ( The Artist, Atonement, Howard Hughes etc) the latest now being the new and star studded 2013 film of F Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, you may wish to add a little 1920s sparkle to your wardrobe. For those of you heading for the alter I thought we could have a quick peek at 1920s bridal gowns.

The 1920’s Bride – Wedding Dress

There will be many women who – inspired by the flowing gamine and robe de style dresses of the Great Gatsby, will want their wedding gown to reflect the 1920’s era. The choice of styles in bridal gowns from the 1920s era is considerable. Through the 1910s up to the early 1920s, oriental styles were popular – mimicking the Japanese geisha look amongst others. Here’s a lovely example from the Met Museum from 1919.


The key change to bridal gowns by the 1920’s was the new sleek silhouettes which were more natural and fitted to a woman’s body. 1920’s Wedding dresses again from the amazing Met museum Wedding Dress collection – here are three examples of beautiful gowns from 1926, 1927 and 1928. Note the short dress with veil – very gamine and modern – very French.


You may be seeking a pouf style dress – so look for an early 1920s robe de style gown ( very feminine). In the 1920s – women often went back to earlier eras like the Edwardian’s for inspiration.
I found this beautiful Catherine Deane wedding dress which is very much in this vein amongst the beautiful gowns of BHLDN.


Get the Great Gatsby Bride Look from Modcloth !


The Juliet Cap Veil.


So many women by 1923 onwards had adopted a crop or bob, so headpieces were extremely important and had to celebrate the new liberation of the head.


1920s brides-to-be sought for ways to enhance the boyish or gamine look in a feminine manner – perhaps with a lacy bridal cloche style cap incorporating a tulle gowns. The Juliet Cap Veil was the common name for this style though its origins and name are taken from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Here’s a lovely Juliet cap from Erica Elizabeth Design on Etsy.


All these finishing touches to your Gatsby era bridal gown make a difference to creating a head turning trousseau.
To finish this short and pithy post, here is a beautiful gown designed by Johanna Johnson, found via the marvelous Chic Vintage Brides.


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