1930s Style Make-up Application – Vintage guides to download

1930s Make-up Application Techniques – Original guides for download

Two extremely rare 1930s beauty and makeup guides spanning from 1932 and 1938 , found in the famous Oxford vintage market in England.
Lovingly restored for you to enjoy.
Make-up by Virginia Vincent and The Art of 1930s Make-up by the great Max Factor.

The makeup styles of the early 1930s changed dramatically during this decade from the pencil thin eyebrows and lush art deco rouges and lipstick colors of the early 1930s, to the Hollywood glamour ideal purveyed by make-up gurus like Max Factor.

Learn to master the makeup style if the early 1930s platinum blondes like Carole Lombard, Joan Blondell and Bette Davis, to the more
mature womanly look of the late thirties as typified by Merle Oberon and Vivien Leigh.

Fascinating tips – like how a 1930s woman took as much care with her lashes, morning and night as she did with brushing her teeth!
Many of the accepted ideas of contouring and highlighting, were only understood by Hollywood stars, and when manuals like these were
published – women eagerly snapped them up in order to emulate the glamour of their favorite actress.

Make-up and Beauty – Vintage 1930s guides –  will transport you back on a beauty time machine to the halcyon radio days of the 1930s. Treat yourself or your best girl friend to a copy this Christmas
If you are interested in other vintage makeup eras – then you’re in luck !
You can also get the massive Vintage Make-up Guide Bundle, which includes all the1920s 1930s,1940s and 1950s guides. A real bargain!

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