1940’s Face – Make-up Secrets Revealed

Just a quick reference to the more detailed Secret 1940’s make-up tricks – an introduction to glamour –  over on Vintage Make-up Guide. These charts examine – within a 1940s style context of course  which includes the popular hairstyles of the era – how to achieve with basic contouring – the perfect oval face shape.

1940s face - makeup secrets

Add to this the 1940s Lip makeup tutorial we posted last week, and the 1940s eye makeup look guide earlier – and you pretty much have all you need to know in order to create the perfect 1940’s face with your make-up.
After that you’ll want to complete the effect with a fabulous 1940’s hairstyle, so head over to Ashley Westmorelands Youtube channel – Lisa Freemont Street for her superb hairstyle guides.

Here are the 1940s face charts. The wrong makeup and hairstyle is to the left and the correct styles are on the right. It is suggested that you study yourself harshly in a mirror and with these charts, work out what your 1940s face shape would have been. You can read a more detailed post on Vintage Makeup Guides –Secret 1940s Makeup Tricks Revealed – or download the original guides in full from the makeup guide shop. Enjoy yourselves.

1940s makeup – the oval Face


1940s makeup – the oblong Face.


1940s makeup – the square Face.


1940s makeup – the round Face.


1940s makeup – the triangular Face.


So – which 1940’s face type are you?

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