1940s Fashion – Women’s Hairstyles during the War

A Brief Peek 1940’s War Hairstyles

1940s war hairstyle - Veronica Lake
Vintage 1940’s Hairstyles – Women’s Hair Safety in the Second World War.

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As women took to the factory and to the plough and tractor during the war years – hairstyles – by necessity  were tied up in scarves or Turbans, cut to shorter lengths or pinned up in the many and various rolls known to US women as Victory Hairstyles .

What became known as the Rosie the Riveter look in the USA was daily wear for both Factory girls and the famous Land Girls in the UK.

Vera-Howson- Land-Army-girl
Vera-Howson,-a-Land-Army-girl in Suffolk-training-camp–©-IWM-TR-913

Whilst Dresses and Femininity were still emphasised in the fashion magazines , every woman’s wardrobe had trousers and a good stout pair of boots. ‘Rosies’ still wore make-up though,and kept those eyebrows manicured,and went nowhere without some emergency Lippy!

1940s war hairstyle

The following safety conscious Victory Hairstyles were hugely popular.

1.The Vingle –  [ consisting of four partings,  forming V shapes ].
2.The Victory Roll -A woman parted her hair to suit her face shape the best  [ either a centre part, side part or extreme side part !]. Then she rolled her hair up over foam Hair Rats – which were made from rolled up shed hair [ yes it sounds icky but it worked ! ]. Then she positioned to her taste and secured with Bobby Pins. Et Voila !
3.The Turban equalised people of all means and social backgrounds. Starting as a simple safety  precaution to prevent hair entangling in machinery at the factory or in the farm, the usual resourcefulness of the female sex quickly turned it into a fashion accessory, in much the same way that Turbans and Head scarves do for women who undergo chemotherapy these days.

These Hairstyles are becoming popular again thanks to the growing vintage fashion and hairstyle enthusiasts like Lisa Freemont.She really is amazing.
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  1. Looking at old movies made me wonder if they were ever wearing a very intricately designed lace wig. Such as the one in the video, I was taken by the simplicity of the style, and pretty much the way that it accentuates the shape of a woman's face. It's slightly similar to motown tress wigs when in terms of length, but the style of tying says original all in all.

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