Lost Vintage Fashion Film in Color – Ireland 1957

Top Irish fashion designer Sybil Connolly stages a dress show in 1957.

This little gem is published courtesy of Richard Jeffs of the Baim Film Collection. A very very rare color fashion show shot in widescreen Eastman color by Harold Baim. It features possibly the most famous Irish fashion designer of her time and certainly the first major Irish name in international couture – Sybil Connolly. We present here an excerpt from the film [ which comes from Harold Baim’s film Emerald Island ] along with some original commentary on her outfits being modeled. Priceless. We will be posting the Sybil Connolly story shortly – so stay tuned.

Sybil Connolly believes that ‘ line ‘is the most important in dress design.Her name is quickly achieving the name of one of the best fashion houses in the world. her collections have been presented in New York and Los Angeles.

The lovely red coat on the right has the swirling fullness of the monks cloak . To the left – White monk – a white tweed worn by Aran Island fishermen.


In yellow pastel shade and as light to wear as linen – this is the finest handwoven tweed it is possible to achieve.


Here is a two piece afternoon cocktail dress – it’s made of fine silk and printed taffetta.


Now we see a model with tweed emphasis. A handwoven tweed dress – collar slightly away from the neck – casual tweed and completely unusual.



That’s all !

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