Vintage 1940’s Make-up Guides – Introduction

Study your face closely …analyze your every feature deliberately, and then classify it as an asset or a liability. When you have done this, you need only an everyday knowledge of cosmetics, and a basic understanding of face types to achieve the 1940’s make-up effect which is most becoming to you.

You cannot actually change the shape of your face, but with careful arched contouring and with rouge areas strategically placed, you can either disguise or emphasise it’s shape and structure so that the tout ensemble is both pleasing to the eye and reassuring to the soul.

Begin your make-up with the proper foundation … a light fluffy cream – if your skin is dry, a lotion – if your skin is oily, and regular face cream if your skin is normal.
There are excellent products on the market today from which to select the best suited to your skin. So go out and have an enjoyable day browsing.
When you buy cosmetics, first satisfy yourself concerning the maker’s name [ we recommend Mac or that old reliable Max Factor, for the smooth creamy 1940’s style glide of their foundations and powders ].

Face Powder

First select your shade of face powder and be sure that it blends with your natural skin coloring – and that does not mean merely the coloring on your nose [ which is lightest ] but the skin of your face and neck. As a rule, it is best to stick to a light textured powder in order to flatter your skin the most.

1940’s Make-up Contouring with Rouge !

In the next tutorial – we’ll look at creating that perfect 1940’s face shape – to go
with your fabulous up-do hairstyles.

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