1930’s Fashion – Dress Style

A Gallery of Fashion Detail from 1937

A typical couture detail of 1930’s vintage fashion

1. Be fashion wise – sequin flower, high neckline, slim sleeve, sweater-type bodice

2. Tea dancing pump: street- length skirt : Chanel bracelet.

3.Your figure will be outlined like a dressmaker’s dummy in this tubelike tunic.

4. You’ll see many variations of this Molyneux bandaged waistline, as with soutache.

5. Accents of Persian lamb on your coat – small collar, pockets.

6. Velvet beret, the profile type, jutting up and forward – this is a hat that is easy to wear!

7. The soft hat with side height for wear with many kinds of costumes – with no age limit.

8. A Hat with a plume; a string of golden hearts to wind around your wrist – for tea dancing.

9. Persian muff and fez, for your new black coat that has no fur !

Gallery of Fashion Detail – by Ruth Mary Packard / Copyright Glamourdaze 2010

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  1. It's really nice ideas. Fashion in the thirties was greatly influenced by the Hollywood ideal of style. Skirts and frocks often clung to the waist and hips but flared out in the gores or pleats to a few inches above the ankle.

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