GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART – 1930’s Glamour Fashion in Glorious Color

1930s Fashion Film in Glorious Color

goodnight sweetheart - 1930s fashion film in color
Beautiful fashion film in color depicting the glamour of 1930’s women’s style.

Filmed in California in 1932. The thirties was a wonderful but largely forgotten decade of style, heavily influenced by the art deco movement.

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3 thoughts on “GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART – 1930’s Glamour Fashion in Glorious Color”

  1. Oooh, Now I've gotten that lovely song in my head! I was a singer and this drove me back to another place and time.
    To which I thank you.

  2. I agree, I just love the streamlined elegance of the 30's. I like that this video featured "real" women and not glammed up movie stars.

  3. Oh, this is just fantastic. The early to mid 30s are my absolute favourite, so this is just a real treat!!!

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