World War Glamour – Women at work in the 1940’s

American women added a touch of glamour to the grim task of arming their country in war.

During World War II, women began to gain more respect and men realized that women actually could work outside of the home. They fought for equal pay and made a huge impact on the United States workforce. They began to take over “male” jobs and gained confidence in themselves.
Images courtesy of the Library of Congress


  1. I think that we should try to emulate the snap, and getting down to brass tacks attitude, coupled with a can-do attitude.
    It's the only way we can get through these bizarre tough times and keep our sanity.
    My favorite story was in Life magazine during the war. When a boat carrying service personnel was damaged, when rescued, the first thing the women always asked for or looked for was their lipstick. Across the board, it always went that way.
    You've got to have a little glamour when doing a tough job.
    Thanks for a good read.