1940’s Fashion – Waves – Women in the US Navy

Waves [ Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service ] added a real touch of glamour
to the navy during the second world war with the help of Fashion label Mainbocher and the beautiful recruitment posters designed by illustrator John Falter.and McClelland Barclay.

“Throughout the nation, recruiting posters were placed in countless prominent public locations. One might see Falter’s and Barclay’s designs several times throughout the day during 1943. The Navy often reused the same designs for multiple formats with differing text. Posters hung in post offices, libraries, grocery and department stores, on billboards and even in public restrooms. Car cards, or smaller rectangular posters, were mounted in subway cars by transit authorities in major metropolitan areas. Window cards were displayed in the storefronts of businesses.”

Check out the US Navy website section on Waves

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  1. Uniforms never looked so wildly chic or elegant as they did during WW2! Thank you for posting these, they were a delight to look at.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

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