Vintage Vogue – 1950’s

The Second World War left women craving for glamour, style and swathes of fabric where scraps of material had once existed. Dior’s full skirted and waisted designs fulfilled all the early dreams of the feminine woman in the early 50’s. As a new, more liberated society evolved, women moved toward freer more relaxed clothes and began the move away from the dress rules and associated formality of decades.Fashion Era
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4 thoughts on “Vintage Vogue – 1950’s”

  1. I LOVE Diors ‘New Look’ clothes, I wish that I could have lived then, they were feminine and stylish. Unlike today.

  2. its interesting how much fashion was brough to the front after the war those women really wanted to showcase and have huge amounts of fabric on their dresses no doubt! i really like the war years though as far as how crative designers and women got with fashion since they didnt have much to go on

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