1950’s Glamour Photography

These photos depict a very common style of the 1950’s in glamour photography.
Photographs that were selected were mostly of girls with hour glass figures. There were however no modelling agencies and this made it difficult in terms of finding professionals. Most of the support staff of make up crews, lighting, costume and props was also missing. Most of the photographers worked with women who were willing to have their photo taken, in many cases models were asked if they would have their photo taken off the street. Then there was no question of having a location chosen or a costume selected. Everything was done extempore. Most photographers used to look for willing models on beaches, naturally. There was however a kind of charm to this type of work where not everything was artificial and made up.
Found on Vintage girl watchers

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9 thoughts on “1950’s Glamour Photography”

  1. oh what beauties!
    what fun to be “discovered” on a beach and be one of the cover models! :)

  2. I love that they were more “normal sized” than the skinny models we see in magazines as well as on the catwalk today. Great post!

  3. I LOVE that Glamour Girl cover. How can be I be French without that red, white, and navy striped dress?!

  4. Those magazines are an absolute find! I like the photo of the girl with all the different cameras.

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