Hollywood Beauty Comes From Within

Fundamentals beauty hints – 1929


1920s Makeup report by Anne Van Alstyne

Not so long ago I talked to a Director of motion pictures. He a lot to say about beauty. ” A pretty face is just – a pretty face, ” he said “It gets by, but it doesn’t get far. if there’s not something underneath, something that shines through, it’s not real beauty. Within, without!” he declared.

The old ‘beauty comes from within’ may sound a bit worn and trite, but girls it’s true! The beauty of the spirit, which inspires the poets. A healthy spirit shows outwardly as bright eyes, beautiful soft skin ( whatever your age).

1920s-makeup-&-Beauty-Shop - Dorothy Mackaill

Dorothy Mackaill touches up for the party

The foundation of beauty is from within. Now let’s treat this question of fundamentals a bit seriously, girls, because it is serious. Whether you want to catch a beau or get a joj or keep a husband, good looks are an asset.

Creams and skin tonics help daily. Powders and rouge cleverly applied do wonders. Women couldn’t get along without their little potions of flush and colour, such as lipstick and mascara.
One wonders indeed how our Edwardian sisters managed with just so much soap and flower petals. But manage they did, through good health, intelligence and common sense. How we work, play, sleep and how and what we eat.


Esther-Ralston takes skin beauty seriously

Think of this, girls, before you decide to order an ice cream soda and chocolate éclair for luncheon, and nibble surreptitiously or openly at rich candies all afternoon so you have no appetite for fresh vegetables or wholesome food of any kind at dinner.


Also when you dance four nights in a row and tumble into bed without removing your make-up, and thne dash out again for a wake-up coffee in the morning, totally ignoring a fresh glass of orange juice.

These days, with the new flared dresses, their flounces and gores, and what not, we’re allowed to have a few curves again. In fact – the womanly shape is encouraged. Maintaining a good shape by regular exercise benefits your skin beauty.


Smoke only in the evenings

If you smoke, take regular breaks – even avoid smoking till evenings if possible, and spend your day inhaling deep breaths of vital oxygen. Your skin will look refreshed and vital and you will too. Try and get to bed early at least five nights weekly, and rise early too. ” Early to bed, makes for a pink and white skin and sparkling eyes!”

That’s all !

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Screenland 1929

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