1930s Fashion – Karen Morleys Girl next Door Style

The Woman Maketh the clothes in 1932-

“Be nonchalant.” That’s the fashion creed of fast rising Hollywood starlet Karen Morley. In other words, Karen chooses her clothes with one effect in mind, a ‘careful’ carelessness.

1930s Fashion - Karen Morley
Short brown jersey sleeves are set into the white leather jacket, around which Karen Morley has built a smart golfing ensemble. Details include the small brimmed open weave hat, the white chamois golf gloves and the white ghillies trimmed in brown

If you think that’s easy to do, you’re all wrong. It’s just as difficult, it requires exactly as much thought and attention, to achieve that appearance of smart indifference as it does to gain the exquisite detailed perfection of Norma Shearer, for instance.

1930s-Summer-Fashion---Karen Morley August-1932

Karen Morley, who has captivated audiences in Howard Hughes Scarface, wants her clothes to to play second place to her own personality. She wants to be known for the girl she is, as opposed to the cute frock she’s wearing.

Well Karen, of course we agree, but in order for the woman to ‘maketh the clothes’ and your wardrobe to appear secondary, those clothes must be perfect in every detail.

1930s-Summer-Fashion---Karen Morley August-1932
[Left] Karen models her Catalina swim suit, backless and brief, meriting the name of “native costume”. A white crochet cap and strapped wooden shoes finish the beach look. [Right]A garden hat of black and white woven paper worn with mannish trousers ( so very in vogue ) and prison striped sweater.
“I like pretty clothes, every girl does,” explains Karen, ” but they have never held for me the all-consuming fascination which they have for so many women. I do my shopping in spasms. if I need new stockings, I buy new stockings. If I feel the sudden urge for something new, then I head for the nearest department store to see what’s the latest style. But I have to be in the mood for a new dress, before I have any success at finding a pretty dress!”


It’s easy for Karen to buy clothes ready made. Her measurements are in almost perfect proportion. So, because she hates fittings and spending all the time necessary for having things made to measure, she almost invariably selects her dresses in the ready-to-wear shops. Her bust measures thirty-two inches, her waist, twenty-five, her hips thirty-five.

Karen Morley – Girl next Door Fashion


Miss Morley is the costumers and photographers favourite type. A girl next door prettiness with a good figure and pleasant demeanour.

[Left] Soft rose and blue mingle with beige and brown in the pattern of Karen Morley’s smart printed tea frock. The dress has an accompanying tie-at-the-waist jacket.[ Right] For dining and dancing and even theater – a floating white chiffon and lace gown, trimmed with velvet ribbons
Karen is young, so she goes for sporty one piece dresses. This August sees Karen languishing in pretty tea frocks. To match her light golden hair and pale skin, she wears pastel shades in sports clothing, evening gowns, street dresses – ” and even my under-things!” she giggles.
For street-wear Karen manages to affect a happy combination of femininity and severe tailoring, with lines that are simple and unbroken. They are fitted to her slender figure, neither too closely or loosely, just that desired degree of apparent, careless nonchalance!
Karen Morley is a unique type of femininity, even in Hollywood, which has more unique “types” than an other city on Earth.

Karen Morley - Girl Next Door beauty 1932

By all the so-called standards of screen beauty, she is NOT a beautiful girl. But she has ‘something’ and it’s charming and feminine, and boasts a unique distinction which sets her apart from other girls.
She dresses to enhance her difference, and in one brief year she has made herself into one of the best known and most sought after supporting actresses in Hollywood.
“I do not underestimate the value of clothes in achieving this. As I said previously, never by your clothes in a mad rush, but when you are in the mood for something new and pretty to wear. You will enjoy browsing for new blouses and skirts. You will not tire when trying on that tenth pair of shoes. You will not be in a hurry so there will be no mistake or regret after purchase.

That’s all !
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