1940s Fashion – Summer Frocks of 1945

Cotton is as welcome as V-Day –

Lollipop colours and soft, blurred shades; lean-making stripes and certified checks. Slick office going cottons, trousseau stuff, school-house glamour. We’re awfully proud of ourselves for finding them! You’ll be just a sproud to wear them. Just look at lovely June Allyson, our actress model. She looks proud too !

1940s dresses – China Girl dress and Striped

China Girl Dress – You’ve got a job

Turn up at your desk looking crisp as a new ten dollar bill. Easy on your boss’s eyes and disposition; rough on the heart of the lovestruck office boy. A new butcher linen by Dorris Varnum of Jonathan Logan. Its coolie collar, oriental monogram, slim, uncluttered lines are Chinese as Shanghai, and eye catchingly cute.
Colors from an artist’s palette in rich combinations like turquoise and brown. The colloie hat in matching fabric that June carries completes your China Girl Look.
You’ve got a date – Wear Dress 2 ( to right)

A picnic by a brook with a long legged sergeant. the Sunday afternoon you’ve both been dreaming about for months. Lucky boy to be with you in this irresistible Peggy Paige striped seersucker! It’s got everything! Wide eyelet ruffles to make you pretty, slimming striped skirt, fresh, scrubbed look – the works !

Dress 3 – You’ve got a baby

Give your new baby a run for his war bonds in this darling little side-buttoned job to the left. We love the sweetheart neckline – appreciate the big patch pocket that’s perfect for safety pins, clothes pins and all the other flotsam of motherhood. And you’ll love the fly-away shoulder bow!

Dress 4 – You’ve got a Trousseau.

Lucky you, and a wonderful excuse to go spreeing. If you’ve gone a little nuts over fluffy, bridey things, let us suggest at least one sleek, clean cut dress that will pack and iron like a hanky.
The simple McKettrick to the right takes to accessories like nothing on Earth. Try it on lilac with black gloves, a cartwheel hat. It’s a home in a club car or at a post dinner.

That’s all !
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Originally published June 1945
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