Ginger Rogers favourite shoe fashions in 1936

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Ginger-Rogers favourite shoe fashions in 1936

Ann Boyd’s 1930s’s fashion report for
When Ginger Rogers was a child her great ambition was to earn enough money to have all the shoes she ever wanted. She loves them still! Sometimes she buys a beautiful pair first and then plans her gown to go with them.
In this post we examine some of her favourite shoes from the 1930s


Ginger thinks it’s harder to select the right shoe than the right hat or dress. You can change a dress and you may cock your hat at a becoming angle, but a shoe – well, it goes on just one way and that’s that.

She doesn’t like fussy shoes, and she is so right. “Too much trimming,” she says, “make a girls feet look heavy and thick.”

One day she had to decide whether or not her dancing feet on screen should appear with bows. So a solemn director, cameraman and producer sat, elbows on knees, as Ginger paraded before them, one foot with a bow-tied slipper, one foot just a plain slipper. The plain one won out.



Bearing in mind that a dancer goes through grueling hours of rehearsals and that foot fatigue make lines in the face, you will realize that in selecting her shoes she is really aiding her own beauty.

Feet swell, straps cut after hour hours of work. Therefore, shoes that fit are of paramount importance. Ginger says a shoe that is too small revenges itself by making the foot look large when it is crowded into it.

“Never, never abuse shoes,” admonishes Ginger. ” Don’t let them become run-down, with crooked heels or scuffed surface. Be as consious of shoe features as you are of the line of your stocking seams. And keep the fussiness off them!” she concludes.

Here we take a look at several pairs worn by Miss Ginger Rogers over the past year. See what you think.

1. Red velvet sandals stitched in gold, lined and piped in gold kid. Gold buckle.


2. Brown suede pumps with patent leather trimming. Brass in-step ornament.


3. Brown calf and suede, stitched in silk. Brass buckles, and semi square toe.


4. Black suede Oxfords with medium heel. Kid trimming stitched in black silk.


5. Green suede pumps with pigskin tongue. Oval cut-out. Brass buckle.


That’s all !

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Originally published in Photoplay 1936

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