1930s Beauty Tricks in the Sun

Hollywood Beauty report by Carolyn Van Wycks – July 1934 –

1930s Beauty Tricks for the beach

SUMMER ought to mean the happiest season for us all. But there’s a darker side. And it’s spelled in three words – sunburn, freckles and tan ! A few minutes of protection as demonstrated by these lovelies will save you hours of correction.


Linda Parker is wisely planning her campaign for a perfect tan. Plenty of protective oil on her shoulders, back and legs is the secret of her suntan success.


Skin lotion applied well to the neck prevents discoloured circles and V’s from wind and sun. Phyllis Barry suggests this for all summer girls.


A thorough application of liquid powder before make-up is one perfect method of dodging painful burn and many freckles, says Sidney Fox. She believes in the good old home remedy of equal parts olive oil and vinegar sponged on skin to protect against wind and sun while at the beach. Apply this before and after hitting the sands!


If you’re blonde like Mary Carlisle, you’ll find that your legs will burn as painfully as face or neck. Mary rubs a protective oil over her thighs and legs. It’s a wise self defence.

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